You are a male; you are sure of this but your chest does not seem to agree. Are you tired of hiding “man boobs” that can get a bit embarrassing especially in front of the girl you are trying to impress? Gynexin might be able to help you. You can read on for more information about Gynexin and Gynexin cost.

Gynecomastia Facts

Gynecomastia, more commonly referred to as “man boobs”, is an abnormality in the development of a man’s breasts. It is experienced by adolescents as part of their development process. This is normal and is nothing to worry about. For adults, however, gynecomastia is often experienced as a result of being overweight. This can be an indication of bigger problems .

This can be treated by various ways. There are available pills, products and surgery that you can avail of. There are various sites in the internet which can help you research on the product that best fits you.

The fastest way is through surgery. The problem with this is that it requires time (for operation and recovery) as well as money. It may cost up to $6000 just to have a breast reduction surgery. We shall compare this to Gynexin cost later.

Other options are to find ways of addressing the particular problem that causes man boobs. This can be obesity or hormonal imbalance. This requires the help of a medical professional.

What Gynexin Promises

Gynexin promises to decrease the size of man boobs at a low price. By taking two to four capsules with a glass of water per day, you will start to observe results in two to three weeks in the form of a firmer torso. After a few more weeks, your chests will also be firmer. Gynexin directly targets the fat cells in the chest and reduces this, making your chest smaller and firmer.

Surgeries are usually worth over a thousand dollar; Gynexin cost is at $69.95 for one month’s supply. Since the supplement promises results in one month, you are given a preview as to how it can work for you even if you just purchase one bottle!

Gynexin cost decreases with the increase in quantity of your order. You get two bottles for about $65, and so on. In fact, it is reduced to just $47 if you order five bottles! This comes with two free bottles of Korexin! Korexin is natural fat loss aid that can enhance the effects of Gynexin. This combination is sure to give you the body that can impress all those pretty ladies.

With this, you might be on your way towards the solution you are looking for! Start solving your man boob problems and become more confident of who you are!

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